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The terms and conditions below apply for reservations made by an individual, private person unless a special agreement has been made. The company (Bnbmanager N.V.) reserves a right to apply special terms and conditions that differ from these in case of public holidays, special events, seasonality or additional services require so.


1.1. To reserve a room, the guest shall provide their name, address, arrival and departure time, and payment method. A reservation shall be binding upon verbal or written confirmation from the company and receipt of a reservation confirmation number. The company may apply different rules, such as reservation fees or credit card guarantees to secure the reservation.

1.2. The Company reserves the right to apply special terms and conditions that differ from those stated in this agreement in case of public holidays, special events, seasonality, or additional services required.
1.3 Only a person over 18 is allowed to make a reservation. The adult making a reservation for a person under 18 will be held responsible for the minor.


2.1. The apartment shall be available for guests from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and shall be vacated by 11:00 am on the day of departure. The company may agree to make exceptions to check- in and check-out times. The company remains the right to confirm this.
2.2. Only checked-in guests shall be allowed on private premises, and the guest cannot exceed the maximum capacity per accommodation. The number of guests needs to be communicated and confirmed by the accommodation before check-in.
2.3. The apartment shall be reserved for the guest until 8:00 pm on arrival unless otherwise agreed upon or if the confirmed rate or reservation period does not include any particular terms. In case of arrival after 8:00 pm, the guest may guarantee the reservation with a credit card or other specified method. Otherwise, the company may release the reserved room for sale after 8:00 pm.
2.4. If the reserved apartment is unavailable upon the guest’s arrival, the company shall arrange for an equivalent apartment at no extra charge.


The company shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance under this agreement which is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, acts of terrorism, riots, civil disorders, fire, flood, storm, earthquake, explosion, governmental action, labour disputes or shortages, power outages, communication line failures or failures or breakdowns of other facilities or equipment.


4.1. Credit card guarantee is required for all bookings when confirming the reservation. The company shall send a link in a separate email to securely guarantee the booking. The company shall now ask for credit card details by email or phone to comply with privacy laws. Customers with an invoicing agreement may guarantee the reservation with an alternative by the company confirmed payment method under the company name.page2image32504864 page2image32504240

4.2. The company reserves the right to require either a complete or partial advance payment to guarantee the reservation. The amount of prepayment and a prepayment schedule shall be contracted with the guest in writing. The company may verify the credit card to the agreed amount.


5.1 The company accepts the most common credit/debit cards. The company is not obliged to accept foreign currency, vouchers, cheques or credit/debit cards unless the company has volunteered to do so. If the reservation has yet to be paid in advance, it should be settled by credit card upon arrival at the company.

5.2 The company has a no-cash policy, which means that the company shall not accept any form of cash payments in any circumstances.
5.3 When reserving an apartment, the company must approve and charge international credit cards. A reservation fee may be charged to the credit card as a prepayment. This will be deducted from the final bill if the company has not approved prepayment from your credit card.


6.1 The company requires every guest to make a $300 deposit to cover possible damages to the property, excessive usage of utilities or missing inventory. In case of a dispute, the company holds the right to hold the deposit.
6.2 The deposit shall be fulfilled via credit card authorization or bank transfer before check-in to the accommodation. Kindly notice that Coral & Coco has a no cash policy.

6.3 After check-out, the company will refund the deposit within seven working days unless there are damages or excessive usage of utilities. The company may deduct the cost of repairs or additional charges from the deposit.


7.1. Unless otherwise agreed at the time of reservation, unless the rate is confirmed or the reservation period includes special terms, your reservation can be canceled free of charge until 7 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the total price of the reservation if they cancel in the 7 days before arrival.
7.2. In case of no arrival without prior cancellation, the company may charge the total stay, including taxes and additional services per apartment, to the credit card provided by the guest.


Early departure before the agreed day must be informed to the company by 8:00 pm on the day before. If the reservation is for several nights, the company may charge the total amount for the stay. Early departure may also result in changes in the confirmed rate.


9.1 All accommodations include standard consumption of utilities. The rate includes the normal consumption of utility limits to a base of 20 kWh of electricity usage per night plus an extra 10 kWh per used bedroom. This number is in line with the regular consumption indicated by the company, referred to as “Fair Usage Policy”. If the usage exceeds this limit, an additional charge of $0.60 per kWh consumed will be added to the guest’s bill or deducted from the guest’s deposit.

9.2 The company encourages guests to use electricity responsibly and conserve energy whenever possible. Regular electricity usage should be at most this limit, but if guests have any concerns, the staff can provide a photo of the electricity level as proof.
9.3 guests are welcome to ask the staff where the meter is located to double-check or keep track of their usage. Please note that the company shall document the utility meter before checking in and after checking out.


Guests are expected to follow good manners and rules at the company. In case of breaking these rules, the company reserves the right to remove the guest(s) from the premises immediately. In such cases, the guest(s) are still obliged to pay for the accommodation and additional services ordered. The guest(s) cannot claim a refund for payments already made. For safety reasons, only checked-in guests are allowed on private company premises such as apartments, and the guests shall not surpass the maximum capacity per apartment.


11.1 Guests can store their valuables in a safety deposit box in their apartment, or the company can keep them upon request. If guests wish to store exceptionally valuable items, they must notify the company before storing them. The company is entitled to collect a charge for the storage of these items. The company may refuse to keep this kind of valuables.

11.2 The company is not responsible for valuables stored in a safety deposit box in the guest’s apartment. The company is not responsible for damage or disappearance of vehicles kept in the garage or the company’s parking area or valuables inside the car. The company is obliged to clearly express in the garage and at the parking area that the area is not supervised and is not responsible for the property kept there.


As a guest, you are responsible for any damage caused on purpose or by accident by you, your guest, or your pet in the apartment or on the premises. This agreement also applies to the furniture and other equipment, other guests in the hotel or their property. General principles determine the responsibility for caused damage.

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